Friday, September 19, 2014

Details Details....Rock Climbing Moonstone Beach

I was assigned to go and shoot a short rock climbing piece here where I work. I shot the piece, came back, spent a good few hours editing it and sent off a cut to the client. He liked it, but said he can never use it. What? For some reason, they forgot to wear safety helmets and therefore, we can't show it. Argh! So it goes. Anyway, I took out all references to the program and at least will show it here.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Project: Humans of UP

 Started a new project based off the popular Humans of New York....called, you guessed it, Humans of UP. Here are a few of the first photos and stories. Check out more on the facebook page:

 My brothers and I were trying to remember all the things New York City police officers have called us over the years: Yo, Buster, Bud, George, Freak Flag, Butthead, Meathead – that was my brother Kevin, “Hey Meathead!” This reminds me of a story. My brother Tommy once jumped over the balcony in a bar in New York and landed on a table. The idiot who was sitting at the table had said to a girl “Hopefully you and I…” and my brother Tommy jumps over and lands on his table and says, “Never f**ing begin a sentence with an adverb!” which sent us into hysterics.

-Why do you love telling stories?
Stories are food. Stories are everything. Stories are prayer. Stories are holy. Without substantive stories, people will sell you lies. Religions are stories, politics are stories, nations are stories, towns are stories, families are stories. That’s why Alzheimer’s is so cruel, because it sucks out all your stories. If you don’t have real stories, whether they’re silly or funny or brave or stories of unbelievable courage or defiant grace, then you’ll be sold nothing but murder and lies. So I’m a story catcher. That’s my job. And more and more as I get older, stories are where it’s at. Everything that we are is composed of stories.

Well, sometimes the kids need somebody to talk to. They’re away from home, mom and dad are wherever – maybe Timbuktu, and it just makes me feel good to talk to them. They can’t ask me about romance though, that’s where I draw the line.

Every time I tell someone I’m from Haiti, people always say, “Oh yeah, you guys had that big earthquake.” It’s always about that. Some see me as a survivor or whatever instead of as a human being. I’m defined by the earthquake, which is just kind of hard.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another GOLD medal for my commercial work at UP!

Found out that this commercial: 

that I co-produced, shot, colored and edited with Joe Kuffner has won a Gold medal in CASE VIII's 2014 awards for "Advertising Spots and Public Service Announcements". Not an easy feat considering we're up against universities that hire and pay a lot of money for advertising agencies to make their commercials. Woohoo! GO PILOTS!